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I think i'll go listen to simple plan

name- Laura Nichole
age- 14
gender- Female
dating status- Taken
10+ bands-
Breaking Benjamin
+The Used
+Taking Back Sunday
+Matchbook Romance
+Motion City Soundtrack
+My Chemical Romance
+The Killers
+Counting Crows
+Jimmy Eat World
5+ movies-
+Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
+A Clockwork Orange
+Napoleon Dynamite
+The Grudge
+Ringu (the Japanese Version is the Shiz)
what do you think each of the mod's favorite band is
(+3 yes' if you get one right)
</a></a>4nocityskyline -
</strong></a></strong></a>outofthe_red - Something Corporate
</strong></a></strong></a>yah_im_emily - Thursday

what's your opinion on:
Alrighty... I don't think that it should be up to the woman to decide. If the doctor suggests it because it will kill the mother, let her have an abortion. Rape isn't really an issue because they only make up like 10% of the abortions right now.. they should be allowed to have an abortion, too (with proof of being raped... like a trial or something). Otherwise: keep your legs closed.
legalization of marijuana- All for it. It's just like alcohol. There should be a legal age to buy and use it. It would be safer to buy it from clean, public places and there wouldnt be so much crime. It would be for the better.
converse shoes- I love them! I have two pairs and want another. I love having people sign them and they are uber-comfy.
gay marriage- I am against it. PLEASE DONT STOP READING! I do think that they should have a special ceremony that legally binds them. I want them to have rights, i do. I want them to be able to have their taxes lowered and I want them to be able to see their lovers in the hospital. However, to be married is to be bound by the bible (whichever that may be) and it DOES say that homosexuality is a sin. Do not lie with a man as you would with a woman.
george w. bush- I am a huge republican. I love the Presidant. Okay.. i do admit that he did an awful job with the war, but the war needed to be done. He did a very messy job with it, but our country isnt falling apart and we still have a government. He is doing a good job.
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