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conversecuties's Journal

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welcome to: conversecuties
this is a RATING community;
where personality&looks matter.

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she likes cheese pizza and loud music.

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he likes green converse high tops and tight pants.

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she likes tacos and hot people.

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1, be as mean and nasty as you want.
2, promoting is allowed but don't do it often.
3, do NOT argue with the mods.
4, NO nudity(!!) period.
5, n0 tYp1nG lYk3 DiS, cuz i can't read that shit.
6, when voting, put your vote in the subject line.

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1, post your application right after you join.
2,no youngins and no old timers please.
3, don't argue with stamped members or mods.
4, if you're rejected, don't apply again because we probably won't like you again
6, so we know you read the rules put, "OMGWTF!!1 FUCKIN` N00B!342" in the subject line.
7, don't be gay and delete your application if you get rejected. faggottt.

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