Shelly (xx___rockstarr) wrote in conversecuties,

i think i'll go listen to simple plan

name- Shelly
age- 14
gender- Female
dating status- Single
10+ bands- The Beatles, The Killers,  My Chemical Romance, Death Cab for Cutie, Dishwalla, The Cardigans, The Cranberries, Talking Heads, Lynard Skynard, Counting Crowes 

5+ movies- The Life of David Gale, The Ring Two, Darkness Falls, Fight Club, Sixteen Candles.
what do you think each of the mod's favorite band is
(+3 yes' if you get one right)
</a>4nocityskyline- --The Blood Brothers (? i'm guessing by your icon)
</a>outofthe_red- you seem like a Britney Spears loving guy. (ha ha ha. JUST KIDDING)
</a></a>yah_im_emily- I don't know. But, hmmm Le Tigre?

what's your opinion on:
abortion- I am on the border line for abortion. I believe that the only reason a mother should have an abortion is if there would be fatality issues during pregnancy.  There are several cases in which it would be the better choice for an abortion. On the other hand, if your just a slut who is sleeping around then I think you are unfit to take care of a child. Give birth to the baby then put it up for adoption.  If you just don't want your baby, that si why they built adoption agencies. I'm all for adoption though.
legalization of marijuana- I think it's better off not legalized. I know kids do it anyways, I have a few friends that do, and they get really fucked up sometimes.  If they legalized it, how many more kids do you think would get fucked up, just because they can? Medical purposes are a different story. I don't think it should be legalized.
converse shoes- converse = love.  i own a black pair myself, and they are one pair of my favorites.
gay marriage- let it happen. people are going to love who they want to love. just because they don't have a license saying they are "officially" wed, they are still going to love each other just as much if they were officially wed.
george w. bush- i like him, even though the rest of the world doesn't. i think he is a great guy in office, and i like the way he does things. Granite, he has made a few fucked up choices, hes made a few more that were great. I'm sorry for the lost ones in Iraq and don't give me some bullshit about, "well, my brother was in the army and..." well my cousin is in the army. so i dont want to hear your bullshit. this is my opinion.  i like george. get the fuck over it.
promote us to 3 places USING THE BANNER(we'll be checking)- </font>



post 3+ pictures of your cute self-

 on the left.

me when i wear my glasses. (on the left if you can't tell)

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but your bush opinion really bugged me.
you make it sound like your cooler than everyone.
i think you need to get over yourself.
but good app.